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Yoga Impact's Yoga Diversity Training

In the fall of 2017, six Newark Yoga teachers sat together and brainstormed how Yoga Impact could not only create trainings that are accessible to a variety of demographics, but also develop guidelines for communicating and presenting yoga in the most inclusive way. We have put these guidelines together into a 4CEC Diversity Training that will help individuals and groups create a more diverse yoga community. 

1. Take the Training...

...on Your Own: Order the Workbook. Watch some of the suggested videos and read some of the suggested articles. Complete the workbook exercises. This should take you a minimum of 4 hours.

...with a Group: Order a Workbook for each of the participants, and have each person in the group complete the exercises. Pick out some the suggested videos to watch and read some of the suggested articles. Write an essay, proclamation, or outline of the specific ways that your group or business will work toward diversity. Each participant should spend a minimum of 4 hours on the training.

...with a Leader: For a donation of $50/hour, a Yoga Impact Diversity Trainer can lead your group or business through the Training. 

2. Get your certificate: Submit pictures of your Workbook exercises and essay to Your 4 CEC Diversity Training Certificate(s) will be emailed to you when your completion has been verified. 

Buy your Diversity Training Workbook here

Yoga Impact is grateful to the following Newark yoga teachers who planted the seeds for this training:

Krystle Davis

Camille Ferguson

Six Galindez

Kim Kinson

Katherine Ramos

Tatiana Sarlo




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