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"Teacher training with Nancy Candea was transformational for me. Not only is Nancy a gifted leader, discussion moderator and yoga expert, she provides an ideal space for learning and growing by being completely vulnerable as well as flexible with her teaching style. I have become more grounded, more spiritual, more confident, more in touch and more knowledgeable of who I am due to my time training with Nancy. The process is priceless."

- Lauren Craig, Newark's Glambassador and author of100 Things to Do in Newark Before You Die


We proudly support the Transitional Yoga Program and research in Boulder, Colorado.

    The program has certainly seen a lot of growth over the past several years.  The classes are approved pro-social activities through the 20th Judicial District Probation Department, which encompasses Boulder County. The classes are free for our participants to attend. The classes have also expanded to the jail in neighboring Broomfield County, and we hope to work closely with more community justice services in the future.

More on the Transitional Yoga Program

Past and Present Programs:

New Jersey since 2010: Morris County Jail, Cheshire Home, Zufall Center and Zufall Wellness Center, Free/Donation-Based Yoga Classes in various studios, Morris County Mental Health Coalition, Family Promise

Boulder, Colorado since 2008: Safehouse Women’s Shelter and Outreach Center, Boulder County Jail

 Yoga Impact Yoga Teachers in Newark!

In 2017 we partnered with the Newark Yoga Movement and sponsored 17 amazing Newark residents through a Yoga Teacher Training. These new yoga teachers are ready to teach chair yoga, gentle/restorative yoga, and flow yoga in their communities. More about Yoga Impact Teachers in Newark

Yoga Teacher Training on the Navajo Nation

In October of 2017, Yoga Impact began a 200hr yoga teacher training on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. This training will conclude in May 2018, and is very culturally and physically diverse. Our group has experienced much growthful struggle with our cultural differences. To some of the DinĂ© (Navajo) trainees, the teaching of yoga philosophy felt intrusive, as they are struggling to preserve their own culture and beliefs. But with loving-kindness, consultation, and perseverance, we were able to move on and grow as a group. In fact, many of the trainees embraced the breath work, meditation and asana so deeply that they are already sharing these practices with their family and community members even before the training has ended. All have found that chair yoga is form that is accessible to many, even teens. The trainees' range of physical abilities has been a wonderful challenge, too: some trainees are extreme athletes; one trainee arrived pushing a walker. We are meeting at the Native American Baha'i Center, which is on the Navajo Nation in Houck, Arizona. Some of the trainees drove 5 hours to participate each month. One of the trainees walked 10 miles the first weekend!  

More about the New Yoga Impact Yoga Teachers in Arizona and New Mexico





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