Training Leaders to Empower Their Communities

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"I cannot imagine having done my training with any other teacher.  Nancy is loving, compassionate and very supportive.  She creates a safe space that fosters community and an environment that is fertile for learning and growth.  You really get a well-rounded education in anatomy, yoga philosophy, breath work and yoga forms.  Her focus is on helping you build the skills needed to transform yourself first so that you can then feel empowered to transform and impact your community." - Tefany Santana, Newark, New Jersey

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Training Leaders to Empower their Community with Wellness

Yoga Impact has created a basic level yoga teacher training that enables its teachers to go out into their communities and serve. Grounded in anatomy and with a well-practiced understanding of teaching methodology, Yoga Impact's Yoga Teacher Training provides practical skills:

  • simple breathing techniques
  • how to help clients with postural issues
  • chair yoga
  • gentle yoga
  • restorative yoga
  • flow yoga
  • how to adapt yoga for specific populations
  • a basic understanding of how yoga can help with recovery from trauma and addiction
We are committed to supporting our teachers beyond their certification as they reach out to create opportunities for wellness in their communities.

200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Overview

200+ HR Yoga Impact Course Content:

* Establishing a Strong Yoga Practice – Understanding how to develop your home practice and use it to create your teaching style.

*Ethics, inclusion and promoting diversity

* Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga – Understanding how the components and mechanics of the human body relate to the experience of yoga, both anatomically and esoterically

* Teaching Methodology – Learning the skills of seeing, listening and responding with compassion and clear guidance.

* In-depth Asana TrainingBuilding a clear foundation for safe, strong and expansive poses, conveyed through accurate Sanskrit terminology.

* Introduction to Pranyama -The art of breathing is the thread that binds our practice to our spirit.

* Introduction to Dhyana -The art of meditation or concentration is the path that grounds our practice in the present.

* Introduction to Yogic Spiritual Doctrine and Philosophy – Study of the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

* In-Depth Study of the Yamas and Niyamas – Cultivating an ethical approach to our relationship with ourselves and others.

* Practicum – Developing and teaching a class, and receiving feedback that leads to improvement.

* The Yoga of Business – Goal-setting, marketing, and continuing education.

* Introduction to Ayurveda

* Practical Nutrition




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