YOGA IMPACT strives to eliminate the gap in how wellness is distributed - by training yoga teachers and supporting wellness projects in communities that have been marginalized.

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Yoga Impact is a non-profit organization that brings the science and art of a yoga lifestyle to a variety of demographics. The components of a yoga lifestyle include yoga postures, breathwork, relaxation techniques, eating well, and following your life's path. We believe that to be most effective we need to train and support yoga teachers who represent a variety of backgrounds. We also support yoga research and community projects, including living spaces that foster healthy lifestyles.


The heart of Yoga Impact is bigger than our trainings - it is the yoga teachers that are out in their communities, teaching those who didn't even think that yoga could be accessible to them because of income, body size, flexibility, ethnicity, gender, and other factors. Yoga Impact works to level the playing field, to make yoga accessible to all demographics. We open our hearts and resources beyond our own communities. We strive to create the next stage of growth in the western yoga world. That growth will come as we share the rejuvenating power of an even easy breath, the strength of a relaxed physical presence, the emotional balance of a meditation practice, and the resources to serve the wider world. 


The soul of Yoga Impact was born from the teachers who brought yoga from India to the rest of the world, ushering in a new era of self-care and compassion. The soul of Yoga Impact today is everyone who supports its continuing expansion - the members, yoga specialists, yoga studios, and corporations, who understand that learning how to breathe, how to stand up with confidence, and how to still the mind, can make all the difference in healing and getting on your life's path.  




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